Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Help me decorate our foyer

I am after a slim console table for our foyer, to go along the tiny 60cm wall between the staircase and the cinema doors. I would love to hear your suggestions or any specific examples.

I have considered a pot plant etc, but it just wouldn't be practical for us. We really need a spot to leave our keys when we enter the house :(

Also, any suggestions as to how to decorate the rest of the foyer would be greatly appreciated... Keeping in mind that our walls aren't at 90 degrees and there are a lot of doors and not really much wall space at all... I've considered a zebra rug, but would need to run that past MrB and research the washability etc.

Please excuse our unsanded staircase and the lack of balustrading. It will be glass with timber posts and handrail.


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