Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Putting it Together

In the interest of complete disclosure, I have to admit that in the few weeks before we signed and for a few weeks after I was in complete panic mode. While the internet is a wonderful thing, it's the worst possible tool for self doubt as you make a huge decision. I would see a picture of what someone else did and think we should do that, too! Or what about this? Maybe that? I'm sure Kristi just cringed when she saw my emails in her inbox. I give her a lot of credit for talking me off the ledge more than once.

Once we had fine-tuned the layout, we signed on the dotted line. From there, things moved right along. We were given a binder that explained the whole process and what we needed to do every step of the way. We were encouraged to ready every bit of it to make sure we understood and to see if we had any questions. There are specific guidelines for building in a rural setting, which we really appreciated.

One of the first things we did after signing was set up an appointment with Heidi to finalize colors and finishes. Heidi had something come up, so Kristi helped out. Unfortunately my husband couldn’t make it to this meeting, so it was all on me. I did end up calling him a few times, but we had discussed everything (Too much, he would say!) and we were pretty set on what we wanted. It was nice to go over everything with another person, as I hadn’t seen a model or photos on the WH site of the colors we’re going with. While I realize all colors beige are the go-to, we’re planning to go with cooler colors- blues and grays with a splash of green. You wouldn’t think your cabinet and flooring choices would affect paint so much, but it really does! Kristi has a great eye and was very helpful with all her input. This meeting took quite awhile, but I walked out confident in our choices.
This is our floor, kitchen counter top, wall color (SW Vast Sky) and cabinets.

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