Tuesday, 24 January 2012

MrB's creations

Look what MrB made for two of us on Friday night :)

Sushi Train's Ebi Fry copies.

I helped of course. We used the Japanese Panko bread crumbs as per FAUX FUCHSIA's recommendation :)

It was delicious! The prawns we used were huge so they weren't exactly bite size pieces like the originals. But we didn't complain :)

Although, MrB said that next time he will just get them from Sushi Train instead as it took almost two hours to make. Eeeeek!

A bit of a house progress update... Mr B installed the fence at the front of the house over the weekend. It was boiling hot. I heped by suppling him with delicious smooties though :)
Oh, and he continues to work on his car so this was the only thing he managed to do last week. Better than nothing I guess :)

Oh, do you like our curtains? :)

The prawns look a little burned in the photo but in reality they weren't :)


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