Monday, 23 January 2012

Home Office ideas - what do you think?

We recently picked up our computer desk (our first piece of furniture for the new house) and I am keen to have the study sorted out as soon as possible :)

So here is what I am thinking of combining with the 120cm Freedom desk we've already purchased:

  • 21.5" or 27" iMac - Apple
  • Replica 'Louis Ghost' Chair
  • 190cm Lack Wall shelf - IKEA
  • Eventually, I would also like to get a rug. But not just yet. 

What do you think?
And now for even more questions - which you are used to by now I am sure =)
  • As you can see below, the power points are not exactly in the centre of the wall, they are closer to the window. Does it matter if the desk is closer to the wall, and not exactly in the middle (of the door and wall on the RHS)?
  • If you like my IKEA lack shelf idea... is it ok that its length doesn't match the length of the desk? The desk is 210cm long and the shelf is 190cm.... Also, do you think the space would look better with one or two of those shelves? (I realise that this will depend on the size of the iMac we get and also what I keep on those shelves but would still love to hear your thoughts).
THE desk. See how close to the wall on the RHS it is?

Not exactly in the middle of the wall :(


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