Tuesday, 3 January 2012

No room to move... Is this ridiculous?

Our powder room is pretty small... and the undermount sinks we've chosen (and already purchased mind you) are insanely big at 60cm x 42.5cm.

Based on our 42.5cm wide basins and a 58cm wide vanity, there will only be 7cm between the door and the vanity. Now this sounds pretty insane to me... But is it acceptable to expect oneself and others to move out of the way before opening/closing the door?

All our tiling and plumbing have already been done. And the toilet and mirror have been installed. Our only options really are to either a) buy a new basin  (which will mean that this will be the only one that's different to the rest of the bathrooms/powder) or to b) keep the basin we've already purchased and be stuck with limited space for movement.

What would you do?

I guess we could go with something like this (which is from the same line as our undermount basins), but this is nowhere near as nice and practical as the undermount sink with CS bench and a custom made vanity with lots of storage :(

Or perhaps we should go with a semi recessed basin, this one is from the same line as our undermounts. This would give us around 8cm extra to work with. ~15cm is still not enough though, is it?


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