Monday, 8 April 2013

A fresh, clean slate

Happy Monday everyone, and welcome to my fancy new blog! Well, really it's the same blog it's always been, only it's had a little face lift. Do you likey?? 

I've been in what you might call an on-again off-again blog slump lately. I think it has more to do with outside factors in my life than purely just losing creativity, but this beautiful new blog design feels like a clean slate and an invitation for inspiration and passion and creativity and humor to come storming back into my life. Yeeeah!

So, a few things to note about the new look. 
*there's now a link in my navigation bar to my photography website, if you ever feel like taking a gander. And hiring me. Hiring me would be extra great.
*there's now a subscribe by email option in the sidebar to the left there. Story of My Life, delivered right to your inbox. You're welcome.
*I'm now on the new MySpace, and you probably should be too. It's so, so awesome, but it's hard to get motivated to do much on there when I'd basically be talking to me, myself, and I. So go on over and support Justin Timberlake and make your super cool profile and connect to me (Jenni_ND) and we'll share awesome playlists and ish.
*there's also now some category buttons to the left there, if you're searching for some fairly regular features (food, home, Austin, life+love, etc).
*new buttons down there too, if you want one!

And I think that's about it for now. 

Lastly, I'd just like to give a huuuuuggge shout out to Maiedae and specifically Jenny Highsmith, who designed this lovely new space for me. That girl is some sort of mind reader or something, because she took my desperate requests and the deepest desires of my heart (ok, being dramatic here) and turned them into something absolutely lovely that I just couldn't be happier with. These girls are so incredibly talented and this design company is going places, for sure. So professional and so GOOD at what they do. Rockstars! If you're in the market for a new blog design, hire them. Do it. DO it.

Hope your week gets off to a great start!

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