Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Help me choose a colour for our custom made upholstered bed.

Life's been extremely busy lately, but I'm back! :)

So, I am back onto the design of our timeless custom made upholstered bed, and am having trouble deciding whether to go with charcoal or light grey. I like both these colours but am wondering which one, if either, will work with our blackbutt floor. What do you think? 

Also, the plan is to eventually get a rug for under the bed, so I guess I should consider the rug colour before deciding on the bed colour? 

Again, I like shades of grey and charcoal, as well as black and white combos. 

What colour rug & bed combination would work well with our timber floor?
  • The bed linen will be ALL white.
  • Our walls are Whisper White, a very very light grey.
  • There is a large North facing window in the bedroom so there is a decent amount of natural light.

Look forward to reading your suggestions, as always.


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