Wednesday, 17 April 2013

"No one will ever like me!"

Yesterday I logged into an old blog account and started reading posts from years ago, which is weird and interesting and sort of feels like peeking into someone's mind who looks familiar but altogether different. Different home. Different city. Different job. Different man. Hadn't lost someone. Hadn't found myself. But the voice was the same. I recognized the voice. I recognized and related when that girl back in 2008 said she wants to work from home, set her own hours, be her own boss, write, be creative... I said, "I am, always have been, and always will be, a writer. A creator. An artist. A free spirit." That much has not changed. 

In related news, I also discovered a folder of my old poetry the other day, and I had a good laugh reading through some of them. HOLY MACKEREL, was I dramatic. You would think I lived the hardest life ever, if you'd only read my teenage self's poetry. It went back even farther than that, actually, as evidenced by a poem I wrote in 1998 (age 11). I still feel like that little girl sometimes, but I think (I hope!) that most of this is now behind me. Here, have a chuckle.

No One Will Ever Like Me

"No one will ever like me!"
Said Jenni (last name) one day
When my hair finally does look right,
For certain it won't stay that way

My glasses take up half my face
My pimples own the other space
My bangs do never stay in place,
"No one will ever like me!"

One ear is bigger than the other,
"You're beautiful!" Says lying mother
I know I'm not, 
It's clear to spot,
"No one will ever like me!"

*If you remember reading this poem already it's because I shared it in a guest post a couple years ago

Oh, the angst. Actually, those descriptions of myself were pretty accurate, since that poem was written around the time this photo was taken. Eek.  Have you seen this video on self image? Pretty captivating. We're all our own worst critics. 

Here's some outfit photos featuring a dress from the SWEET new online store, Hazel & Olive. I am actually a little obsessed with this shop. Right down my alley. 

And that concludes today's randomness.

{ Dress: c/o Hazel & Olive, Hat: Target: Shoes: Aldo, Bag: Thrifted }

Have you ever sat on or very near to a fire ant mound and been stung multiple times in very sensitive areas of your anatomy?  I have.

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