Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Boston + GrrFeisty giveaway

I don't talk about current events much on this blog because words mean so much to me and I hate it when they feel empty and like not enough or like I'm saying them so people don't think I'm insensitive or ignoring a tragedy. I've been glued to the news, though, and my heart breaks to think of those hurting right now, and those whose lives are forever altered by this event (who were seriously injured or lost limbs or a family member). I'm thankful for another opportunity to prioritize my life and remember what's truly important and also remember that goodness outweighs bad in this world, at least in my opinion. I liked this quote I read (which went pretty viral, so you may have seen it too), and I'm reminded again of this song that brought me to tears at the Tyrone Wells show I saw this weekend here in Austin. I struggle with my beliefs, but I do believe and hope in something more. 

* * * * * 

Today's giveaway is from my sweet friend Roxy of GrrFeisty, the namesake of both her blog and cute crafty Etsy shop. I got to meet this cool chick at Texas Style Council last year, and we bonded over a mutual obsession with our dogs, and, of course, blogging! She's also a legit professional roller derby skater, which is incredibly cool and looks so fun! Today she'd like to give away a sweet little handmade prize package from her shop, which includes the items you'll see in the collage below. Check out her blog and enter to win this cute prize. :)

Good luck!

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