Friday, 5 April 2013

After the storm

This week here in Austin we got some serious storms a few days in a row, and after all that water was dumped on us, spring is so officially here. Things are looking incredibly green and new growth and wildflowers are popping up all over the place. I have four photo sessions this weekend, and I'm so excited about how lush things are looking, just in time! Texas sure can be pretty when it wants to be.

...I guess talking about the weather is just a sign that I have nothing else interesting to say, so I better quit while I'm ahead. Here's a few more outfit photos, and today's featured sponsors. Enjoy 'em!

 { Shirt: Zara, Pants: J.Crew, "Cargo Load Army Green Military Jacket" and "City Classified" cheetah flats: c/o Lulu's com (discount code STORYOF for 15% off your order through 4/8), Necklace: F21, Bag: thrifted }

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Head on over to JenEric Generation by Jenny. I recommend it. This girl and her lovely blog are full of personality, the kind that exudes right through the screen. Go here and read a little about the unique concept behind the blog and also learn a little about Jenny and Eric (Jen+Eric). Jenny is one of those bloggers that actually has good things to say. Plus she's gorgeous and has great style. A winning combo!

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One to Nothin' is a blog by MacKensie, a lover of life, style, and music (three things that really shine through her blog!). She loves her dog, cute outfits, and may have a split personality. So pretty much she and I could be best friends. Start here and go get to know her!

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Lauren is the brains behind Pink on the Cheek, a lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and everything in between blog. You can follow Lauren's wedding plans here, see some great DIY posts here (like how to make a blog button!), and see style posts here. Go make friends! :)

Happy weekend...

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