Thursday, 18 April 2013

Snaps from a rainy morning

turn the speakers up. close your eyes. listen.

We woke up to a cool and rainy morning, and something about that little change in the weather inspired me to snap a few photos. We have a lot going on right now... things I can't talk about just yet, but will in due time. Anyway, those "things" are consuming so much of my thoughts and time, but more than ever I'm enjoying little moments and simple pleasures, especially while there's so much scariness out there in the world, and you just don't know what the next day's news might bring.

So many other people have better things to say than I do this morning, so here's a few links to browse, if you're interested...

naked yoga?! (thanks, but no thanks.)

I'm obsessed with this song and video. I think I've watched/listened 400 times. Nate Ruess, I love you...

Here's MIchael Grubbs from Wakey!Wakey! playing the song I included at the top of this post. Just saw him play here in Austin last weekend, and WOW. Talented (and hilarious) guy.

I've been chipping away at making some of these detox smoothies... yum!

Happy Thursday :)

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