Friday, 5 July 2013

A few from the 4th

I didn't take very many photos from our 4th celebration yesterday... we were having way too much fun spending time with family and friends and doing lake things and crashing frat parties to use their giant slip-n-slide... you know, normal stuff like that. You'll have to trust that it was fun since I have very few photos to prove it. :)

Here are a couple featured SOML sponsors to keep you busy over the weekend! Enjoy 'em!

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Back East Blonde is an adorable blog by an equally adorable Calirfornia-turned-East-Coast-girl named Nadine, who is just as funny as she is sweet. Her about page is a great place to stop first and get to know her a bit, and then perhaps go have a chuckle at her latest post on categorizing bloggers. There are a bunch more popular posts organized nicely for you right over here, so go get busy. You will love this girl!

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Priscilla is the brains behind The Wheelchair Mommy, a lifestyle blog that documents this amazing woman's adventures in motherhood despite being a paraplegic ever since a car accident in 1999. You'll be blown away by Priscilla's incredible attitude about what some might consider a great misfortune - to her, the "wheelchair" portion of her life is, essentially, a non issue. Get to know this neat lady and her family a bit better over here, browse her archives and pages, have fun, and don't forget to let her know you stopped by. :)

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Hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend! Happy Friday...

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