Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Have you heard of Ommwriter?

So, Ommwriter. I'm obsessed.  Thanks so much to Emily for tweeting this to me yesterday! She thought I'd like it, and I do, I really do. First I downloaded the free version, then I downloaded the not-free version, which actually isn't a set price - you donate what you think it's worth.

I have such a hard time with staying focused lately. Well, for approximately the last three years of my life. Remember the "my blog gave me ADD post" a while back? Totally still applies. Hasn't gotten any better. Maybe worse. And this Ommwriter program, I really feel like it might help bring back some of the focus to my writing. I feel like I'm in another place when I'm there. I actually wrote a POEM yesterday - it just flew right out of my fingers and onto the screen. I haven't written a poem in years.

Check out Ommwriter in action over here on their website (click "see it in action" to watch the video), and decide for yourself if this is something that might enhance your creativity. It's sure working for me.

PS - If you download, Ommwriter, I highly recommend wearing headphones while you use it. It blocks out your fingers banging on the keyboard and allows you to better enjoy the ambient sounds provided.
PPS - have you heard of Coffitivity? That's another one that helps me focus while I work.

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