Wednesday, 17 July 2013

At The Prairie, Part I

Picture this: you've been driving about two hours now, through farmland and fields of cows and strange eerie pine forests and hills and empty expanses of land and little towns that look like tiny settlements you may have seen 100 years ago and never really changed... and just when you think you might never find the place, you see the sign and turn down a bumpy dirt road, anticipation growing, because you have a feeling this is going to be good.  And then you arrive, and you turn into a field with a long, long lane down the middle and a big white house at the end, and you've reached your destination! Shabby chic paradise... the Prairie by Rachel Ashwell. As you may know, I was there last week for some photos, and it was to. die. for.

When I was looking through my images last night, I realized that I have way too many for only one post, so today this is just an introduction to the grounds outside, which really can't be captured accurately in pictures. It's like some kind of dreamland. Already planning my next trip. Can't wait to show you the amazing details of the place tomorrow! Happy Wednesday...

right: Brittney of Smitten Imagery in action!

this is Pearl, the Prairie dog. She is amazing and I took four hundred pictures of her. 

See Part II (indoors!) HERE

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