Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Weekend in D-town

Matthew and I packed ourselves a bag and headed up to Dallas this past weekend since, as you may recall, I had scheduled a few photography sessions there. I had never, ever been to Dallas except to the airport (crazy, right?), which hardly counts, so I was super excited to experience this major Texas city. I've heard such mixed reviews of Dallas, and I'd say at least a little of everything I'd heard proved to be true, both the positive and negative. Just like Austin, I'm sure, Dallas has its stereotypes, which are usually only part of the truth. One thing is for sure: Dallas is a surprisingly beautiful city! We stayed downtown and didn't really leave central Dallas - the farthest we drove out was to White Rock Lake for my Saturday mini sessions (gorgeous lake, by the way!). After my photos sessions, we headed out for a late dinner, and even though I'd brought a nice dress for the occasion, we were both too hungry to go back to our B&B to change, so we headed straight to the Mexican food place recommended by a friend. How fancy could it be? we thought. The average price of a plate there was about $10-15, so no big deal.


Every single person was dressed to the nines. Every man in khakis and a polo. Every single one. Every girl in platform heels and a fancy dress. I rolled up in my cutoff jean shorts, Sperry's, and sweaty floral shirt, and quickly realized that this is NOT how Dallas peeps roll on a Saturday evening. Oops.

I think I said to Matthew about 100 times, "OMG it is SO different here!" and "Holy shit, what planet are we on?" and "Jeez, everyone looks so nice! Why does everyone look so nice?"

Haha. Oh, Dallas. You are not Austin, that much is true. But you were fun, and we'll be back!

Anyway, below are a few photos from our stay at Daisy Polk Inn, which was a very adorably quaint little bed and breakfast, though I feel the need to warn potential guests that it is located on the edge of a questionable neighborhood and we could hear base bumpin' and engines revvin' all. night. long, even between TWO iPhone Sleep Machine apps on full blast. The bed was also so creaky and squeaky that *ahem* the prospect of spousal relations taking place there is basically nonexistent unless you plan on traumatizing every other guest in the inn (the walls were definitely thin). But it was SO pretty, especially down in the common areas (which I didn't actually take any photos of), and the staff incredibly nice and helpful. We really enjoyed chatting with an older couple over breakfast, too - they had met six years prior in ballroom dance class, and were down from Portland for a wedding.

Happy Wednesday, my friends!

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