Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Ruche & SOML (a match made in heaven)

This is my happy face. Do you know why my face is happy today? Because it just so happens that I somehow managed to find myself in cohoots with Ruche, one of my all time favorite brands, and it sort of feels like a really good dream I don't want to wake up from. The fine folks at Ruche are sponsoring Story of My Life for Texas Style Council this weekend, which means I get to work more closely with them and wear their gorgeous clothes (like this dress, which you'll see more of next week!). Yes, I am freaking out inside a little.  It also means that if you attend my workshop on Life Blogging Saturday morning, you may or may not get a little gift from Ruche! ;) Sweet, right?!

If you haven't visited the Ruche website yet, get on over there and swoon away. Classy, flattering, vintage-inspired clothing that is super affordable and diverse and lovely. I can't say enough good things about this brand! I am PUMPED to finally be working with them.  (Also check their blog for a post about our partnership later today!)

If you're attending Texas Style Council this weekend, look for Ruche at the Prom party (I'll be hanging out with them a while too!) and they'll have a floral backdrop and props for photos, free jewelry in exchange for a survey, and a touch-up station with hairspray, perfume, bandaids, bobby pins, etc. Oh, and Mara from M Loves M will be there! Cannot wait to meet her!


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