Monday, 15 July 2013

What size rug for our family room?

My Domino Book of Decorating tells me that I should leave 10 to 20cm of bare floor on all sides of the rug, and that all four legs of a sofa should be on or off the rug...

However, due to the location of our sliding doors, we have to push the sofa pretty much against the wall... And because the width of the wall facing the sofa isn't as long as I'd like it to be, we have to push the side sofa as close to the sliding door as possible. Gahhhh!

So, the question is, what would be the optimal size for a rug?

I am aware that most rug only come in standard sizes, but for now I am just dreaming and would like to see what the perfect size would be 
This is our family room, and there will eventually be a rug and ottoman, and maybe some other light and very portable seating... 

To me the top left is the most practical, as I would ideally like the rug to NOT be in the walking path of the main sliding door. But this option doesn't exactly balance the rest of the room out, does it?

I also like the look of the cowhide rug, but it would mean that it there would be a lot of traffic over it and I will probably get tempted to wash it myself, and will end up destroyed in no time :( ... Also, I am worried that cowhide rugs have been over done, and I am also worried about offending anyone... Hmmm but then again it's ok that I've just ordered a leather sofa? Hmmmm

The bottom two look a bit silly though...

Can't wait to read your suggestions.

Here is the floor plan for those who don't remember what our floor plan looks like:


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