Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Did my hashtag usage annoy you up there? ;) All I really have to say today is THANK GOD FOR TARGET. That is obviously the most cliche blogger/female thing to say pretty much ever, but seriously, I am so indebted to that store for providing me with low cost ways to look put together. See that bag in the photos? I really reeeeally needed a new camera bag because my old one was getting downright ratty, so when I saw this beautiful expensive-looking tote from Target for $34.99, I snatched that baby up. I took out the padded dividers in my old camera bag and put them in this Target one, and BAM! A new and beautiful bag for a fraction of the price of those I've been eyeing around the web. Target isn't paying me to say this or anything, but I LOVE THAT STORE. Oh, and in case you're looking for a less expensive way to turn a bag into a camera bag, you can buy inserts online! Like here on Etsy. Neat huh? You're welcome.

yes, my hair is extremely bushy when not straight. I like to think of myself as channeling Hermione.

Dress and Bag (similar): Target

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