Monday, 17 September 2012


As far as I'm concerned, fall has officially arrived in our household as of this weekend. We have been having some pretty fabulous cool and rainy weather already, so on Saturday Matthew brought me my boxes of fall decor down from the attic, and I had fun placing a few little autumnal touches here and there around the house. I made chili, this "apple pie breakfast" in the crockpot (I added raisins before serving), some hearty lasagna, and of course burned plenty of fallish candles I had left over from last year. It was heaven.

Even though two of my photo sessions got rained out last week, I'm not complaining. They can be rescheduled, and we needed that rain. Matthew's good friend Jared, who is currently living in the UK, came down to visit and apparently brought all the rain with him! But it was so, so nice, and just an overall great, cozy weekend. Wish I had something more exciting to report, but sometimes a really low key weekend is exactly what the doctor ordered. 

How 'bout you? Getting ready for fall yet where you are? I must admit, I just bought my first peppermint mocha coffee creamer of the season... jumping the gun a little? Maybe. Enjoying the crap outta it? Definitely. :)

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