Thursday, 20 September 2012

Some action - at last :)

We've had some progress around the house :)

MrB painted the portico ceiling after work during the week and it's looking great. So much fresher!

He also fixed our old washing machine which had been sitting in the laundry since it blew up few months ago. It was only 4 years old and I won't go into the reasons as to why it blew up :)
We immediately bought a replacement one (exactly the same one as we were so happy with the original one) and planned on fixing the old one so I can have both darks and whites going at the same time.
Well we've now got two perfectly functioning washing machines and I am mega excited!

Also, I've booked the tiler for Sunday to finish off the laundry tiling. So excited that we are finally getting somewhere :)

But the thing is, I am unsure of how best to lay out the tiles, whether to go all symetric like we did in all the bathrooms, and have cuts on either ends... Or do we just start off at one end with un-cut tiles ....

Does this look ok? Whole tiles in the corner, and then cut ones near the architrave? The benchtop is 600mm wide and the tiles are 300x300 so along the short side it will perfectly fit 2 complete tiles.


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