Friday, 14 September 2012

Empty promises ...

Remember my post from 3 weeks about when I said that the downstairs powder room was going to be installed soon? Well, it still hasn't happened. I've contacted the cabinetmaker once more since then and still nothing. I am so over this... I think we are used to living in an unfinished house and it scares me to think when (if ever) we will get around to finishing it. I've lost the motivation... Am so over dealing with people who make empty promises.

But .... I've been thinking about possibly doing white tiles for the laundry splashback. This would eliminate my concern of having a grey strip on the side of the cabinetry, going down the architrave. What do you think? I really didn't want to go down this path, especially since we've got left over tiles that we used throughout all our bathrooms and on the laundry floor... but at the same time I am worried that using grey tiles for the splashback and down the cabinet will stand out a bit too much. We've got skirting height tiling in the laundry, so this would be the only area with tiling all the way to the splashback...

Our laundry cabinetry, bench tops and walls are all white.

What do you think? Use up the grey tiles regardless of the rest of the walls/cabinetry being white? Or buy some white tiles instead?


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