Friday, 7 September 2012

TGI FRiday, I guess.

It’s going to be a great day. First on my agenda is 1) get oil changed 2) swing by the vet’s for swimmer’s ear for dog and 3) pick up massive amounts of dog poo in the yard before the lawn guy gets here. How can a day that starts like that NOT be awesome?

But seriously, what actually IS awesome is my three lovely ladies today. Check them out.

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Taking Notes, Coast to Coast is a blog by Danielle, the sweet girl next door type who happens to be an amazing writer, mama to Huckleberry (hint: he has fur) and also happens to have moved all the way from the east coast to the west… for love. The best reason to move, if you ask me! Check out Danielle and Steven’s love story here and, recently added, the photos of their fabulous wedding. Enjoy. :)

DanielleBlog | Facebook

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Devon is the pretty face behind The Mermaid Chronicles, a really fascinating blog about life as a California surfer (married to another surfer! read a bit more about them here) who decided to quit her job and follow her dreams (to write and surf!). Devon just went on a seriously amazing cross country road trip which you can find details of here. Their trip looks seriously breathtaking and I love reading Devon’s accounts of it. Go say hello!

DevonBlog | Facebook | Twitter

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And last but certainly not least is my sweet friend Kristin from a blog called Vignettes. I must admit, I have a special place in my heart for this girl. We started out as “accountability partners” to keep us both on track during work days, and quickly became close friends. Kristin is a beautiful soul living in Virginia with her husband Jesse (who had a really scary accident this week), and you will find her blog fun and encouraging if you’re looking to be a better friend, girlfriend, wife, or heck… human being. :) Check out her Fall Friendship Swap if you love snail mail and would like to send/receive a fun little package of autumnal delights (also a great way to make a cool new blog friend!!), and OH, if you’d like a little more info on the wonderful and seriously endearing Kristin, go HERE. :)

Kristin Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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Happy Friday!

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