Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I've been feeling really convicted about this lately. Attitude. It really is everything, as cliche as that may sound. Last night my mom and I were talking about Edd, as we often do. She's going to a group grief counseling meeting every week, and it's interesting to hear about different people's stories on losing a loved one. Some didn't have good relationships with their partner that died. Some were left in a debt hole they'll never dig out of. Some were left with nothing but nightmarish memories of the last days and months before the death they are grieving. And of course, there is some of that with Edd--nightmarish memories of what the disease did to him near the end. But what many people can't say they have is this amazing, amazing example of attitude over matter. Edd left us with a legacy and a lesson. That no matter what happens to you in life, you still control one thing: your attitude.

As someone with a bit of an attitude problem from time to time, this hits home for me. Most things in life you have power to change. Some things you don't. But those things you don't? You have more power over them than you'd think.  This goes for everything from the genetic lot you were given in life to the asshole that cuts you off on the freeway.  Big life things to little life things.

Just felt like maybe this needed to be said, and heard, today. Happy Wednesday. :)

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