Sunday, 16 September 2012

DIY trellis.....a good idea if I say so myself

I think I have been a bit clever.  
In fact I am enormously pleased with myself.  

We needed a trellis for our newly planted wisteria, and all the ones I saw at the garden centre were: 
1 - ugly
2 - expensive
3 - the wrong shape.  

Not even intensive web trawling gave me any ideas.  

Tadaaa! My solution!

Eye hooks threaded with long pieces of bamboo.  It looks pretty, it took me half an hour to put up ten pieces.  Each piece cost $1.50.  See why I am so pleased with myself?

As usual I could not have done it without help from the Voice of Reason.  His first tip was to pre drill a tiny hole in the fence.  This makes it much easier to get the eye hook into the wood.  His top tip was to make a handle by putting the long screw driver through the eye, see above.  Made it much much easier to twist the eye securely into place. 

Couldn't resist this white variety even though I had planned all blue.  Now I just can't wait to see them grow!
(All images by Eva of Build House Home)

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