Monday, 10 September 2012

Summer's Last Hurrah

We were out at the ranch this weekend for what will likely be the last time until it cools down a bit... summer's last hurrah, if you will. Appropriately, Sunday morning something promising blew in and we woke to positively pleasant, fallish temperatures that were a welcome reprieve to the blazing weather we've had lately. Matthew and I spent hours 4-wheeling and hiking around the ranch while the morning coolness lasted, walking Gracie and Cooper or hunting through the woods for shed antlers.

I may or may not have been pretending I was Katniss and my life depended on my adept wilderness exploration.

Between the two of us, Matthew and I found 6 antlers, an antique horseshoe, an old chain, a Wildebeest skull, and multiple bones. This is what country people do for fun.

disclaimer: I am not a country person, but it was still fun.

Have a nice weekend? I hope so! Happy Monday...

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