Friday, 15 March 2013

Meals area or something else?

Would you believe I still haven't bought the chairs to go with our meals table? Slack, I know :(

To make the situation even more complicated, I've lately been rethinking the whole meals area... I mean, we only use the dining table when we have someone over for dinner. Otherwise, we use the island for all our meals... Wiping the bread crumbs into the bin is just way too convenient. Even if we did get the chairs to go with the meals table, I just don't think we would use them :(

So, my dilemma now is... Do I get the chairs anyway, even if we are never going to use this cute little table? OR do we just get rid of the table and use the space for something else? Even though I have no idea what we could do with this space :S

All I do know is that our current dining table is too small, as it only seats six. We will eventually buy a 10 seater I think. The dining room allocated space is generous so even a larger table should fit ok without having to enter the "meals" area.

What do you think?

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Facing South


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