Friday, 22 March 2013

Hope for Spring

What are your wildest dreams? What is your ideal life? What are you doing to get in your own way?

These are questions I'm asking myself this morning. Discontentment and fear have crept their way in lately, and I want to sweep them out and enjoy my life in all its unpredictability as beautiful spring in Texas floods in. In just a few short days it is the one year anniversary of Edd leaving us. That memory has certainly left its mark. But if I learned anything from Edd (which I did... many things), it was that circumstances are just things that happen along a life, and attitude and what you make of it is what shapes your experience. Your attitude is the only thing that no set of circumstances, no person, can ever change (except for you).  Your attitude changes the way you see, feel, and experience life. Can you imagine that? Just changing your thoughts changes your life.

This spring, I want to really write more
ride my yellow bike more
eat one hundred times more fruit and veggies
get really, really busy with my biz
promote more amazing brands I'm proud of on SOML and produce still better content
do things that scare me and that are hard
love the people in my life better.

This spring, as winter drifts away and the new season promises flowers and sunshine and rebirth and beauty, vow to change the way you see and relate in your world, because only then your world will change.

* * * * *

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Emily is the brains behind Tales for Karina Marie, a life and style blog inspired by her best friend who passed away several years ago. Emily has adorable and distinct style (even features her roommate's outfits sometimes, which I think is cute!), great hair, and, um, how can you not love her for posting about Eddie Redmayne today?!  Juuuust sayin. ;)

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