Thursday, 7 March 2013

Walton's, Austin

Lunch or coffee dates with friends are fun, sure, but I feel it's also my duty to find the cutest places in town for said lunch or coffee dates, and then inform you about them. I snapped some pictures inside Walton's for a blog post about a year ago, which is sort of a haunting post to revisit because I remember so well how disoriented Edd was that day, but also how much he enjoyed that carrot cake cupcake. :) I thought I'd dedicate another post to Walton's, because it really is such a cute place! It's actually one of Sandra Bullock's two restaurants in town (the other is Bess Bistro, which I'm dying to try!), and I must say, Ms. Bullock, you did a fantastic job with Walton's!

It's a gift store, flower shop, and cafe all rolled into one, with delicious food, great lattes, and an atmosphere reminiscent of a perfect little NYC deli complete with exposed brick and attention to detail around every corner. I met up with Shalyn and Jennifer, and we had such a nice time. :)

Happy Thursday!

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