Saturday, 15 June 2013

Am I crazy to be considering a black leather sofa for our family room?

I am seriously considering a black leather 3 seater for our family room, which is a part of our huge open living.  I mean, a black leather sofa is not the most inviting and warm piece of furniture... but any way I look at it - it comes out on top in terms of meeting our PRACTICALITY needs.

Do you think I am crazy? Or do you think it will look ok?

This is the sofa style we are looking at:

The family room layout:

This is the TV unit which will be in the same room (family)

Our White kitchen is right  next to the family room

This buffet is in between the family and dining room:

Our walls are Whisper White, we are also getting plantation shutters in Whisper White... and this is an overview of what the large open living space looks like at the moment (the family room will be where the sliding doors are and where you can see the antique sofa:

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