Thursday, 13 June 2013


Lately I've been thinking a lot about priorities. We all have them, and it's easy to determine what yours are. What do you do every day?  That's it! Those are your priorities. Even if they're things you feel you have to do, by taking the action to do them, you're making them a priority. It's a choice. And you can make other choices. You can make other things your priorities, and adjust your life to allow room for those new things.  That's just what I'm learning lately.

I am a little mouse who needs to have that hunk of cheese dangling over her head to get anything done. I've become more aware lately of my, shall we say, declining physical fitness, but it's just so hard to get in a routine of exercise when it's not really something you enjoy and you always feel too busy for it and ______(insert excuse)______ and ______(insert excuse)______ and______(insert excuse)______. But then I scheduled a boudoir session with a photographer friend in July (she needs the practice, and I've always wanted to have these photos done for Matthew!), and all of the sudden, I'm like IWILLGETTHISBOOTYINSHAPESOHELPMEGOD. So I've made time in my day for exercise. All of the other excuses for why I couldn't do it before have gone by the wayside, and I started riding my bike or doing other cardio and exercises every morning. At first, it was really hard and miserable. Now I'm starting to build strength and stamina, and seeing that progress is really exhilarating and empowering. I feel so good every day. The blood is flowing, my heart feels healthy and happy, my body feels like it's working as it's meant to, I'm more productive, and hopefully soon things that are getting mooshy will get un-mooshy.

But here's the thing of it all. There is absolutely no reason I couldn't have done all of this before I scheduled that photo session. It was my priorities that shifted. You make time for what you want to make time for. Human beings are quite resilient and quite capable of doing difficult things if their heads are in the game.  I guess I just wanted to encourage those of you who have aspirations to do, well, whatever it is you want to do, to find a way to get your head in the game. To switch your priorities around. If you aren't doing what you want to be doing on a project of some sort that is completely within your capacity to complete, then it's time for a new plan and a change of priorities. Figure out what it will take to get you motivated, and make that happen.

That's my pep talk for today, for both you and me. Happy Thursday! :)

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