Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Cenote, Austin

I pride myself in finding the cutest places to hang out and eat in Austin, yes, and while this place is no exception, it comes with a bit of an asterisk. Let me just say that, normally, I totally just go with the hipster vibe at most places I frequent in this city - I wouldn't call myself a hipster in any capacity, but I certainly have nothing against them, and this is Austin for Christ's sake. In Austin, you roll with the hipsters. But this place! Oh my gosh, this place! My mom and I walked into Cenote and immediately exchanged cautious glances. The kind that says "EVERYONE HERE IS A HIPSTER AND WE WILL BE JUDGED FOR NOT BEING A HIPSTER." And then we proceeded to order, sit down, and enjoy our (delicious!) meals amongst all the best plaid-clad, mustache-sporting, dreadlocks-donning, 1970's-yellow-men's-short-shorts-wearing Austinites the city has to offer.

It was grand.

Here's a few photos from our time at Cenote. (seh-noh-tay) If you're ever on the east side and in need of a cute place to grab a bite or maybe sit with a laptop, this is your spot! (Bonus points if you're a hipster.)

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