Saturday, 29 June 2013

Help me decorate/modernise these newly made-over armchairs and sofa!!!

Here is the finished product! My very first make-over project :)

The colour of the backrest and the armchair on the left, doesn't look quite right in the photo, must be the lighting on something... But let me assure you, it looks just like regular black leather in real life :)

But now, the question is... How to modernise this antique sofa, and at the same time soften the harshness of black leather?

The problem is, I still don't know where these pieces will end up, so would prefer for the cushions/throws to be versatile, and able to fit in anywhere... if that's even possible?

I generally like white, black and navy. I don't mind a bit of colour, but not too much!

I can't wait to read your suggestions on cushion size, colour, pattern etc :)


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