Monday, 10 June 2013

As of late

Month one of living with Mom has been peaceful. We have constructed an elaborate gate system to separate Gracie and Cooper from poor Norman, and I think (I hope!) nobody has stepped on anybody's toes yet during said familial cohabitation. But the summer is young.

We stop by the site of our new home once per week, and so far the only progress is that it's being used as the dumping ground for the construction going up next door, though it has now finally been staked out, too. We hold onto these threads of hope like a lifeline. ;) Really, though, I'm just being dramatic. It has been painless to live with my mom, and we are so thankful she has the space (and patience) for us. But there's nothing like your own place, and we're excited to see more progress in the months to come. 

Other than that, life is exceedingly uneventful. Matthew has just a couple more months before he is DONE with law school. Well, sort of. He doesn't officially graduate until fall (and then the bar), but he's mostly done in August. I can hardly believe the amount of work he's put in. Can I brag for a minute? The guy took seven classes last semester, and got seven A's. SEVEN. Only those of you who know a little about law school know what kind of a ridiculous feat that is. I am so proud of him. 

Here's a few more photos from this weekend... it was a really nice one, consisting of homemade mango margaritas and peach pie, an elaborate "snack night," watching my sister-in-law perform in a fabulous dance show, and the most splendid sunset last night. 

Happy Monday.... :)

peach pie recipe here

Yep, Kelsey is the smokin' hot blonde in the middle. This was my first time seeing her perform (she's been dancing forever), and I was blown away... and also super jealous of her incredible dancer's bod. Hmmph.

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