Friday, 14 June 2013

You need to make this NOW. (+Friday Features)

Hello lover bugs, thanks for stopping in on your Friday! You'll be glad you did, if you ever decide to make this spaghetti and meatballs recipe. It's from the Pioneer Woman, so you know it must be good.

But seriously. No, seriously. Do yourself a favor and please make it. I am obsessed. Let it simmer on your stove all afternoon... the smell is out of this world. You will find yourself occasionally wiping drool from your chin. You will never buy a three dollar jar of sauce again. This recipe has destroyed the old cheap-pasta-sauce-buying me for all eternity. When your husband/mom/cat comes home, their eyes will bug out of their heads and they'll start salivating and following their noses to the kitchen. Have I made my point clear? It's really good.

It's best with some whole wheat thin spaghetti, a fresh green salad, and some red wine. The red wine is important. Dooooo it. 

And now for today's two lovely featured sponsors! Check these ladies out.

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Helene in Between is a blog by pretty girl Helene, who also happens to be a fellow Texan!  Go D-town bloggers! ;) You can browse some of her most popular posts right over here, which is the perfect way to learn about how this girl is hilarious. Also take some time to get to know her a little more here on her about page, and get ready to fall in love. Helene, you are cute as a button and too funny! ;)

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Olive Heart is a blog by beautiful Jill, a single mama to one adorable little guy named Jax and new jewelry designer with her own shop right over here. Jill has such a fabulous can-do attitude, great style, and maybe what I love most about her is that you can feel the love she has for her sweet son right through the screen. I love her from the heart posts and that we really get a peek into who she is. Great blog you have going there, miss Jill! :)

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Happy weekending...

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