Friday, 21 December 2012

A photo + Friday Features

What? The world didn't end? Guess I'll write a post for today after all, then! ;P

I hope you all have a great weekend leading up to Christmas, and find some time to enjoy your families and sloooowwww down. Not sure if that'll be in the cards for me yet, but I'm going to try and make it happen.  Here's another photo from a recent session, and today's featured sponsors! Happy weekending...

* * * * *

Buitiful Confessions is a blog by a lovely girl named Jackie Bui--hence, the spelling of "Buitiful." Jackie has some serious writing chops on her, as evidenced by today's post and every post before it (and I'm not just saying that because she wrote some super sweet things about SOML on there today!) :P  If you have a thing for intelligent conversation, beautiful writing, and posts full of depth (all of which are named after song titles!), then you'll have a thing for Miss Jackie. Stop by and get to know her!

* * * * *

Tina of Like Ordinary Life is another one with great writing chops on her, not to mention her chuckle-worthy humor that is certainly evident in her latest post on organizing Christmas presents under your tree. Hilarious. I thought I was bad! Tina is a teacher who also happens to be married to another teacher, and if you'd like to learn a bit more of the nitty gritty, go here. And don't forget to let her know you stopped by! 

* * * * *

The Cinnamon Slipper is a blog by a beautiful English lady named Rebecca, who also happens to be the ultimate fashionista! Her style is impeccable and unique, and Rebecca is one of those girls who just oozes personality right through the screen! You'll love her inventive style, her super cute boyfriend, and her fun stories from across the pond. Go on over and say hello! :)

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