Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Making Spirits Bright...

Wanna know something shameful?
I have never sent out a Christmas card. Never!

What it boils down to is laziness and procrastination on my part, because I love the idea of Christmas cards and really enjoy receiving them from friends and family, but I've just never gotten around to sending them. I am enough of a Cluster-You-Know-What around the holidays without adding in another to-do list item like sending out cards. Plus, if you send them out every year, people will come to expect them. I like to keep expectations low around here.

BUT. This year I had the ingenious idea of making a virtual Christmas card post on the blog, and that way family, friends, and beloved readers of SOML alike can all enjoy our card. And the best part is it took almost no effort, and I don't have to pay shipping. BOOM.

Print this baby out and hang it on your fridge, yo. (let's be honest here... the only one who might do that is my mom, and even then, it's highly unlikely.)

*Card by Tiny Prints, which is THE place to go for holiday cards! Love the choices over there.

**MERRY banner by Bungalov. Such a sweet shop stuffed with upcycled shabby chic and vintage finds!  (banners, chicken wire frames for jewelry, decor, and more. My favorites are the banners - planning to use them in upcoming photo shoots. Best news: SOML readers get 15% off in the shop through THE END OF JANUARY with the code storyofmylife15)
* * * * *

And here are a few more shots that didn't make it on to the Christmas card! Thought they were still worthy of posting... especially the last few. :)

My mom and I were fiddling with my camera when we turned around to find Matthew had wrapped our "merry" banner around his head. Men.

Consider this your formal MERRY CHRISTMAS, from my family to yours! :)

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