Tuesday, 4 December 2012

j noel photography has a blogsite!

It's finally here! I've started up a photography blogsite (it's nothing fancy, but it will tide me over for now) and, at long last, began chipping away at blogging sessions of THE LAST SIX MONTHS. I have been stalling and stalling on this, you guys. You know when stuff piles up too high before you have time to get to it, and then it's just scary and overwhelming and you'd prefer to pretend like it's not there rather than man up and face it?! Ha! That has been my experience with blogging my recent work. But I'm finally churning it out, little by little, and if you'd like to follow my progress, you're welcome to stop by! I've decided not to blog some of my earliest sessions since they no longer reflect my editing style, but I definitely still have a fun assortment of upcoming posts.

Oh, and one more thing! I debated waiting to share the page until I have the custom domain set up, but after the run-around I was given the past couple days as I tried to figure it all out (MY BRAIN IMPLODED ON ITSELF), it could be another four years before I have the courage to try that again. So for now, the ol' blogspot.com is still tagging along. Lame, I know.

Thanks in advance if you decide to stop by! Happy Tuesday. :)

PS - My new Twitter and Pinterest are a work in progress, but I plan to add lots more fun, photography-related goodness over there soon!

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