Friday, 14 December 2012

Custom made headboard / bedhead and all the decisions that come with it...

I am thinking of having a headboard custom made, but having never had one am worried as to how it would look against an ensemble. I would not be matching the valance to the headboard but instead would just have a white one. Would it look strange? I am very much only into pure white bed linen, so maybe it will blend in nicely and won't be as noticeable? Or should I just get the bed base made up as well, in the matching fabric of course? My theory is that when I get sick of the bedhead, it will be cheaper to replace than the whole bed...

I really like the ones with side returns, as below, but would it be difficult changing the sheets? Would the side returns be in the way? What do you think of headboards with side returns?

Do you think the returns that are equal from top to bottom are more contemporary than the ones that get smaller towards the top/bottom?

PS. I've reduced my blog roll, so if you comment on my blog, but are not on the list, please let me know so I can rectify this. I may have accidentally deleted someone :(


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