Monday, 10 December 2012

Alfresco fit out. What outdoor setting would you recommend?

We recently realised that our alfresco is a very small and awkward space. Mainly due to the middle opening sliding doors ... The alfresco faces south and is 3.3m x 5.5m (excluding the 1m concrete path around it). What sort of seating could we possibly fit in this space, so we can still comfortable use the sliding doors?

We've got four down lights, and a fan with a light in the middle. There will also be two outdoor speakers in the ceiling as well.

There is a TV antenna/provision in the corner above the ugly folding chairs. Not that we are in a hurry to buy an outdoor tv *rolls eyes* but the provision is there just in case we change our minds in the future.

We were thinking of putting a deck in the alfresco, but seeing that it's such a small space, would it make it look weird? Also, would we deck the path around the alfresco slab, or not?

The concrete is a funny colour because I hosed it down before taking the photos :)
The ceiling and eaves should be getting painted soon... Sigh

Don't you love our masking paper curtains?

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