Monday, 25 June 2012

A little Something Different

It’s always nice to change things up a little bit, you know? Go a different way home. Make a dish you never thought you’d try. Write a letter instead of an email. Or in our case, go to dinner and an older movie at The Paramount instead of seeing the fresh crap out at your local Regal Cinema. Right now the Paramount has a “summer classic film series” going on, and we watched Out of Africa with handsome Robert Redford and the ever-lovely Meryl Streep, back in the day. It was nice.

You should see what kind of new and fun activities you might enjoy in your town, too.  You never know what else a little change of scenery might spark….. ;)

storyboardtest003IMG_9946-1storyboardtest006IMG_9978-1 IMG_9982-1 IMG_9986-1IMG_0016-1Necklace by Megan


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