Thursday, 7 June 2012

Photography Skillz. Get some.

This is another post for you aspiring photography wizards out there. A while back I reviewed some excellent photography tutorials, and I’d just like to give you a little update since the makers of these tutorials just put out a brand spankin’ new one. I’m excited about this because A) I’m a nerd and B) I really support what the people over at Photography Concentrate are doing. When I first decided to dive into the photography world, it was all so overwhelming. The sheer magnitude of info on the web sort of made my head spin, and it can be difficult and time consuming to sift through it all, and expensive and even more time consuming to take classes.

So when I was referred over to the Extremely Essential Camera Skills tutorial under the promise I’d be shooting happily in manual immediately after watching it, I bought it without hesitation. Best decision ever. It’s like an awesome one-on-one class you can attend right from the comfort of your couch (and finish in only a few hours). You can read a tad bit more about that in my first review, but the main thing I wanted to say was that the new Super Photo Editing Skills tutorial for Lightroom 4 just launched TODAY, and it’s almost half price for a short time during the launch. So, if you’ve been thinking about learning Lightroom (which is SO much more intuitive than Photoshop), now is the time to buy this amazing tutorial. I’m going through mine now, and I am just amazed by how much I’ve already learned and would have NEVER figured out on my own. It’s so easy, and dare I say FUN?!

Thanks, Rob and Lauren. :)

Click the pictures below to learn more about these amazing tutorials…

super photo editing skills 


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