Monday, 4 June 2012

Li’L Bro


A number of you expressed surprise and curiosity last week when I mentioned this little brother I’d never met, and for good reason, I suppose. I’ve never mentioned Joseph (that’s his name) on the blog before, I guess just because he hasn’t been a part of my life, nor I his. He was born in Korea when my dad used to live there (Joseph’s mom is from the Philippines), then they all moved to New Jersey, and now they’ve settled down in Georgia.  I really hope to see him more often, because he is just the coolest and smartest little guy. Case in point: he beat me at checkers, twice, and I was trying. Did I mention that he’s five?  Also, he LOVES pictures. He’ll pose on cue, every time, then demand to see the shots immediately afterwards. Little guy after my own heart!

Anyway, when it comes to family and personal things, readers should always assume that a blog is just a sampling of someone’s life. There are always things left out. Sometimes intentionally, or sometimes because they simply don’t apply to the theme of the blog. In this case, there’s certainly a back story, but not one I’ll probably tell. Bottom line: I have a super cute little bro, and I hope to be a bigger part of his life in the future!

Here’s a few photos from around the condo in Florida…

IMG_8107-1IMG_8117-2IMG_8396-1A dead knight.

IMG_8121-1Sister, Dad, Grandma :)

IMG_8187-1IMG_8399-2Don’t you just love little boys?

Harry Potter World recap coming TOMORROW! :)

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