Friday, 22 June 2012

Friday Features

Happy Friday, everyone! What are your big plans for the weekend? Matthew and I have date night tonight and… yeah. That’s about it. He’ll be studying the rest of the time, and I’ll be editing pictures. I just feel lucky to be getting a date night at all, with finals coming up for him next week!  :)

Anywho, enjoy the lovely ladies below, and be safe this weekend…

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Noa of Noablog is a fabulous photographer, mama, Harry Potter lover (had to throw that in), and an entrepreneur following a dream to open up her own photography studio in New Jersey. Noa has been a constant source of inspiration, humor, and help to me, and I know you will absolutely love her too. It makes me so happy to see beautiful, talented women following their dreams, and that’s just what this one is doing! Follow along on her journey as she renovates the (beautiful!) new studio, and go check out the welcome message she has for you here!

noa Blog | Website

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Gorgeous miss Jackie is the author of Perched, a suuuuper cute blog (hint: OWLS) about her life and love in New York City, baby. I’m jealous.  You can get to know her a bit better here (I hope you will!), because Jackie just seems like THE sweetest and THE coolest girl ever. And she has some seriously cute animals. You’ll see. Go say hello!

leavesBlog | Facebook

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Lovely Jen of The Arizona Russums is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out, and her blog is full of stories and inspiration from real life. Like this post, for example. Wow. Her and her husband Michah recently moved to Arizona and are documenting life, the good and the bad, and honestly, this blog is just a breath of fresh air. You will love Jen, so go on over and visit. :)

Jen    Blog | Facebook | Twitter

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Have a great Friday!

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