Friday, 15 June 2012


I didn’t post yesterday. It was weird. But I just didn’t really have anything to say, and my house was in need of some attention. So I cleaned and organized and exercised, and I mostly stayed off the computer, and it was… nice. But don’t worry. There won’t be much of that nonsense around here, except on weekends sometimes.

Also, you should check these people out.

* * * * *

Stephanie is the brains behind Big Mario Life, a super cute lifestyle blog by a California lawyer turned photographer (and a GOOD one!). Stephanie’s about page goes to show how clever and awesome she is (especially the Harry Potter reference), and personally, I’m obsessed with her guinea pig, Molly.  This is one blogger you will want to get to know!

stephanie Blog | Facebook | Twitter

* * * * *

The Semi-Reformed Nerd and its author, Julie, have been with me since day one of sponsorship on SOML, and I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting this super-funny girl in person a couple of times! Julie’s blog features yummy recipes, her hilarious pup The Captain, and real-life type posts like today’s. Drop her a line of encouragement, will you? We’re all in this together!

Julie Blog | Facebook | Twitter

* * * * *

The Uncommon Dog is a great website featuring “hand-picked products for your best friend.” I.e., pet supplies and products!  The Uncommon Dog has rounded up tons and tons of comfy dog beds (Gracie and Cooper said they want this one,) crates, gates, and other things, so definitely check this site out if there’s a furry friend in your life. :)

UC Website

Happy weekend!

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