Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Great Ikea Adventure

I'll tell you right now this has nothing to do with building the house. So feel free to skip. I won't hold it against you.

B and I last bought a couch the year we were married, and it has served us well. But after 12+ years it's looking pretty rough, and would look absolutely awful in the new house. We also need a new bed, the boys need new beds, another table...the list goes on. Our furniture budget is about thisbig. So on what was probably the hottest Memorial Day weekend EVER we decided to go to Ikea to pick up a couch or two.

I did a lot of homework before we settled on Ikea. I read reviews, message boards, and several blogs of Ikea couch owners who were very pleased, loved the slipcovers, and told tales of couches standing up to small children. That's no mean feat. After talking to two friends who have the sofa we wanted, we settled on the Ektorp. Two, actually, because two sofas are more versatile than one sectional, which is what we currently have. Also, this way we can split them up in the future.

Not only did we get our two sofas, we also got a futon and ottoman for the basement from Garden Ridge. I also scored lots of stuff for the kitchen including plate racks (for the drawers in the island), cutlery tray and knife rack, and a colander that fits over our sink.

Even though it was HOT, we timed this trip really well, because Ikea was offering 15% of any sofa purchase back on a gift card. The sofas were only $399 to begin with, and we got back $120 on a gift card. Can't beat that!

Couch, futon, couch, very patient husband.

It took a few days, but we finally unloaded them into the family room.
At some point we might actually unpack them.

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