Friday, 29 June 2012

Deer(s) and other things.

Friday. I’m hangin’ out with the deers and hogs and stags and rams and wildebeest (etc) at the ranch today, but as per usual, I have some awesome new people to introduce you to. And yes, I know the plural of deer is not deers, but I like to say it that way to annoy Matthew. I’m a fun wife like that.

* * * *

A Home Away From Home is a blog by an expat named Jenna—a California girl who fell in love while studying abroad and then made the big pond-hop to Johannesburg, South Africa!  Jenna’s blog is full of gorgeous pictures and accounts of an exciting and extra-ordinary life, and to top it all off, she writes beautifully. Win-win. You can get to know her a bit better here. Get on that!

Jenna Blog | Twitter

* * * * *

Love Always is a blog by another Austinite, the gorgeous miss Becca. She’s studying magazine writing and editing at the fabulous UT (I’m jealous), and I absolutely love a) the positive tone to her blog b) this post and c) her hair.  Get to know Becca a bit better here, and make a very cool new friend! :)   (PS – Can’t wait to meet you too, Becca!)

Becca Blog | Twitter

* * * * *

If you love buying vintage and antiques, then this next website will blow your mind, It’s basically the hub of all awesome online vintage, and I swear, you could get lost perusing the extensive virtual aisles. Shop everything from antiques to vintage jewelry to vintage clothing, and note that you can organize items by price range with the tools on the left. Happy antiquing! :)


Happy Friday everyone!

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