Saturday, 16 June 2012

What length towel rail would you recommend?

During the framing stage we built in extra bracing for the three towel rails in the ensuite. The masking tape demonstrates the maximum length we can go with and the distance between them. Which is 1m 7cm. Being 7cm from the slower screen and 8cm from the vanity (or 65cm from the mirror on the right).

The shower screen door opens on to the towel rails. When open it will touch the rails at around 47cm from the shower screen frame. Do you think this is major? :( I mean I don't think I've ever slammed the shower door and had it hit the wall (and I never plan to either) but ... do you think it's worth the risk?

Shower door opens in to the imaginary towel rails
The gap between the shower and vanity is 1m 22cm. I am thinking of going with a 750/800cm length towel rails and centring them in this space. Do you think this would look the best? Should I be going for towel rail length which is a certain % of the space between the shower and vanity?

PS. My blog will be featured on the Decorating Forum in a couple of weeks. It's an amazing forum and you should definitely check it out if you haven't already :)


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