Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Home office progress ...

So this is as far as I got with our home office. Disappointing, I know :(

I am once again second guessing my decisions and am wondering if I should stick with my original idea of floating shelves above the computer desk, or if I should perhaps go with some art work instead? What do you think? 

Also, we originally planned to have the computer desk closer to the window, which is why we put the power points more to that side. I've now moved the desk so it is in the centre of the wall, but the problem now is that the two power points on the right now stick out. Do you think this is a biggie? Would you rather have power points on the right of the desk or have the desk of centre?

Please excuse the modem. It will eventually be hidden in the cinema built in unit but for now it will have to stay here.

I would love to hear your suggestions as to how to pretty up the desk? I recently bought a small fish bowl vase, would that work, with some flowers in it of course? Also, where can I buy pretty mouse pads?

You can see here how the power points stick out ...

Any ideas on how to conceal the cables?

Bulkhead all around the room

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