Monday, 18 June 2012

Weekend Festivities, etc

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Ah, Monday… you’ve come too soon!  My weekend was off to a rough start (you might not even believe it if I told you), but then it wound up being a really wonderful time with my husband and, yesterday, with his family. I’ve been overwhelmed with a sense of gratefulness these past few days. Grateful for the people and the love in my life, grateful for life itself… I know, I know. Sounds so cliché. But it’s the truth.

Truth. Yesterday a friend described a blog as just a keyhole view into someone’s life, and that it is.  Sometimes I read the happy, life-is-always-puppies-and-rainbows blogs and I have to narrow my eyes a bit and say, “suuuureee it is. Sure.”

I see life unfolding just like any good story. Full of conflict and pain and flawed characters and high highs and low lows and turning points and crossroads and beginnings and endings. You write your own book, to an extent, but there’s always that element of out-of-control-ness, and isn’t that the beauty of it?

Just some random musings on this fine Monday. Maybe it will mean something to you, maybe it won’t.

But you definitely have to pick the places you don’t walk away from.*

IMG_9255-1 IMG_9259-1storyboardtest001IMG_9267-1 Matthew’s dad on Father’s Day

IMG_9281-1IMG_9285-1Matthew’s grandparents

IMG_9246-1storyboardtest002IMG_9240-2 IMG_9292-1

*from a quote by Joan Didion.

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