Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Color Issue

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Today I have Aarean here from Color Issue, which is a really fun blog featuring colorful finds from all around the web.  As a definite color enthusiast myself, I always enjoy what Aarean curates or creates for her readers. Today she's making a few simple suggestions for brightening up a drab day. There's a definite psychology behind color, and wearing it can instantly brighten your mood. Enjoy!

1.sixtyseven wedge     2.anthro scarf    3.NARS lip pencil

Hi! I'm Aarean, the author of The Color Issue and a die hard color enthusiast! If there's one piece of advice I'd give for anyone feeling a little "out of sorts" when it comes to their style... it would be to ADD COLOR! Here are a few of my favorite "frumpy remedies" that always seems to work like a charm...

1. Change those flats or tennies to a fun wedge or heel (this will make you feel and look more feminine in seconds)
2. Add a colorful scarf (they make any outfit look put together)
3. lastly slap on some lipstick (like my mom always said "lips don't like to feel naked" haha)

**on a sidenote if you're feeling really ambitious try painting your nails, that always seems to get me out of my drabby rut--I have done a few really fun nail tutorials you might want to check out HERE, HERE and HERE!

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